NY19 Candidates



John Faso

❌ Voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act which would leave 35,000 residents in CD 19 without health insurance

❌ Voted to repeal coverage for those with pre-existing conditions

❌ Accepts campaign donations from Health Insurance Companies and Big Pharma

Antonio Delgado

✔ Supports the Affordable Care Act and universal healthcare coverage

✔ Would protect healthcare coverage for those with pre-exisiting conditions

✔ Will work to make sure pharmaceutical companies are not given unfair advantages at the expense of the health of everyday Americans

On TAXAtion

John Faso

❌ Supported giving tax breaks to billionaires

❌ Has allowed his party to raise the federal deficit to 1 trillion

❌ Let his party to sell out NY state by getting rid of the SALT deduction, raising taxes for many NY state residents

Antonio Delgado

✔ Supports tax policies that put working families and the middle class first

✔ Supports closing tax loopholes that allow super rich to avoid paying their fair share

✔ Supports holding large corporations overseas who shield their profits from taxation


John Faso

❌ voted to defund Planned Parenthood

❌ Repeatedly voted against equal pay for equal work during his tenure in the NY State Assembly

❌ Opposes a woman’s right to choose; called abortion “a black mark on upon our country”

Antonio Delgado

✔ Supports Planned Parenthood

✔ Supports equal pay for equal work,

✔ Supports a woman’s right to choose

✔ Opposes using taxpayer funds to settle sexual assault cases for Congressmen


John Faso

❌ Was a lobbyist for the fracking industry in NY State

❌ Voted to allow coal waste dumped into streams

❌ Voted to overturn the Securities and Exchange Commission requirement for oil, gas, and mining companies to disclose payments to foreign governments

❌ Has a 34% environmental score from the League of Conservation Voters

Antonio Delgado

✔ Supports protection for our waterways

✔ Will fight to ensure that community water supplies are protected and never face disasters like the crisis in Hoosick Falls

✔ Supports clean energy job growth for our region

✔ Supports shifting tax credits and subsidies away from the fossil fuel industry to the renewable energy space


John Faso

❌ Co-sponsored the concealed carry law that would allow more guns to pour into NY

❌ Voted to allow the mentally handicapped access to guns

❌ Receives NRA funding

❌ Does not believe in limiting access to assault weapons or any other sensible gun reforms

Antonio Delgado

✔ Supports the second ammendment

✔ Supports sensible gun regulation, a ban on assault weapons, and background checks for gun purchases

✔ Not answerable to the gun lobby