The Most Crucial Election of our Lifetime

“This November’s elections are more important than any I can remember in my lifetime, and that includes when I was on the ballot.” 

- Barack Obama ,October 22, 2018

The main concerns for residents in New York’s 19th district are jobs, clean air and water, access to affordable healthcare and lower property taxes.

John Faso has let us down on every one of those things. Our taxes are higher since he got elected, thanks to his support of a tax cut for billionaires which capped the NY State SALT deduction. He has voted to punish the most vulnerable amongst us. In May 2017 he cast a vote that, had it passed the Senate, would have resulted in the loss of healthcare for over 35,000 of his own constituents. He has also voted to curb SNAP recipients by mandating work requirements. He has voted in favor of the fossil fuel industry and allowing coal waste to be dumped into streams (HJ Res 38). He holds a 34% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, one of the lowest environmental ratings in the State. Additionally, Faso has voted with Trump 89% of the time despite his promise in early 2017 to stand up to him. He has taken over $800,000 from Corporate PACS in this election cycle alone.

John Faso’s special interest agenda is in fact the embodiment of his party, the GOP, which has completely lost sight of the American citizenry as a whole. We are facing a very real crisis in our democracy as we enter this crucial election. We are seeing democratic norms and institutions eroded by both the current administration’s policies and what has become a far right Republican party, whose agenda is wholly beholden to mega donors and corporate interests.

This is no longer looking anything like a government that is for the people by the people.

Mitch McConnell and the GOP are now blaming Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for the 1 Trillion dollar deficit they created through their giant tax giveaway which only benefited the top 1% and corporations. It feel impossible to mistake the rhetoric from the Senate Majority leader as anything less than a pre-amble towards privatization and cuts to these programs.

When Donald Trump was elected many people had hoped that more moderate Republican elected officials would prove a check on his worst impulses. This has not happened, rather the opposite effect has played out: Donald Trump’s worst impulses have infected the GOP.

We see the current string of appalling racist ads being broadcast by several members of the GOP, including our very own John Faso. Since John Faso has no positive record of doing anything to help his constituents, he has chosen to use scare tactics to get people to vote for him. 

It would be impossible to list out all the destruction the current administration is doing on a both policy level and to our institutional norms (although writer Amy Siskind has been keeping a list, here). We have seen rampant corruption in Washington of outright graft from cabinet members and from the President himself, a Justice Department attempting to erode civil rights, horrific immigration policies along our southern borders, and a President who lies and threatens our press on a daily basis We have pulled out of the Paris Accord and the EPA continues to gut our environmental protections. The US interior department has now started to open up our public lands and coastlines to oil drilling.

Meanwhile the GOP have cowered and ducked on holding Trump accountable. They appear terrified that if Democrats regain a majority in the House in the midterms, it will mean a return to accountability. They even circulated amongst themselves a warning list of possible investigations should the Democrats regain power.

People who support this administration point to the economy, which, although strong early this year (thanks to President Obama), is beginning to show real volatility in the markets as the ripples from Trump’s misguided tariffs and rash decision making in foreign affairs start to spread their skittishness to global markets. Many economists predict another recession within the next two years. The entire gains made in this year’s stock market have now been lost as of today, Oct 24th.

If you are paying attention to the bigger picture you know that we cannot afford to lose this election. If we do not flip the House to put some brakes on the current administration we may find ourselves in situation where it is simply too late to reverse course.

Your vote this November 6th to flip our Congress blue is literally the most important and patriotic thing you can do for your country. Join us by voting to safeguard our country by fighting for a democracy that works for everyone.