help elect democrats in the 2017 local elections

New York has municipal elections this year.  Depending on where you are in NY19 there are county wide races, city wide races and state judicial races on the ballot this year.  We need to elect Democrats to office, not only to build momentum for next year, but to build for a better future in NY19 before and beyond 2018! 

Become a Neighborhood         team leader

We're seeking dedicated volunteers and groups to organize and canvass neighborhoods through out the election cycle.  As a Neighborhood Team Lead you'll listen to, register and then energize voters in your electorate to turnout on election day!

Data and Research

We need volunteers to help with research, data entry and analysis on everything we work on.  If getting out and talking to voters and calling up Faso isn't how, or the only way you want to help we need your help behind the scenes too.  If you enjoy working with numbers and spreadsheets, googling and noting noteworthy articles, we need your help!

Resist Faso and trump in a local Indivisible Group

If you aren't a part of a local Indivisible group and you want to learn how to resist Trump and keep putting pressure on Faso, we need your help.  Every day local Indivisible groups are calling Faso's office, writing letters to the editor and leading the way in resistance.  We'll help connect you to a local Indivisible group.  And if there isn't one close by, we'll help you start one in your town!

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