HELP US CREATE the blue wave FOR 2018

Volunteer to canvass. Research shows that the most effective voter outreach is person to person. Please fill in our form below to get updates on our next canvass action day near you. If  we aren't running a station in your area we will put you in touch with our closest affiliate who is.



See our Postcard Kits here. You can host a party and split the cards between you and your friends or do this action solo. Either way, handwritten postcards have been shown to be an effective tool in the voter outreach arsenal. Although there are few studies, early research suggests handwritten cards may be as effective as door knocking in some cases.


JOIN A local Indivisible Group

Are you horrified by what is going on in our country today? Consider joining a local Indivisible group. Every day local Indivisible groups call John Faso's office, write letters to local newspaper editors and are leading the Resistance against the Trump agenda.  Fill in your details below and we will help connect you to your local Indivisible group.