Building the Grassroots Engine that Will Win in 2017 and 2018

NY 19 Votes is built on a simple strategy:  In one of our most important swing districts in the nation where 100,000+ eligible voters are not registered and 200,000+ registered voters did not vote in 2016, if we're going to win we need to get out and talk to our neighbors.

We're building the largest and well organized grassroots voter outreach effort the district has ever seen.  NY19Votes will train and deploy thousands of volunteers to canvass the 19th district.  We will dramatically increase our voter turnout in 2017 and build the engine that will win decisively in 2018.

Our goals are ambitious:  To register thousands of new voters new voters, dramatically increase voter turnout and build the best grassroots campaign that will not only win, but win decisively.