Postcards For the Midterms

Make Democracy Bloom

Inspired by the idea that Democracy needs to be nourished to thrive, we have created a new postcard-writing kit. The back of each card includes a small section of bullet points listing out John Faso's voting record (see image below). Reach out to infrequent voters in the 19th District with a handwritten call to action: show up in November to Vote in the Midterms


Our kits include everything you need to host a Postcard event in your town.

240 Postcard Kit–$130

  • 240 Let Democracy Bloom postcards (4 designs)

  • 240 $0.35 stamps

  • Pre-printed labels for 240 registered voters

  • Instruction handout

  • Includes shipping by USPS

120 Postcard Kit–$70

  • 120 Let Democracy Bloom postcards (4 designs)

  • 120 $0.35 stamps

  • Pre-printed labels for 120 registered voters

  • Instruction handout

  • Includes shipping by USPS


About the mail labels included in your kit

We have targeted 240 or 120 voters of all ages who are registered and have voted, but have been infrequent voters in midterm elections in the 19th District. We will be looking at left-leaning Unaffiliated voters as well as registered Democrats.



Thank you to all the fantastic activists who made this project possible. We have now exceeded our original goal of 26,000 cards by almost 15,500 additional cards. This does not include our previous postcard program in the Spring to young voters. You made it possible.

You can still reach us at the email below with questions. Don’t forget if you have pictures of your events to please share them with us on our FB page.


Please send any postcard specific questions to