NY19 Voter Survey

Constituents across New York's 19th Congressional District are concerned with the direction our nation is headed in.  

NY19Votes grassroots volunteers are dedicated to finding a representative who will listen to our concerns, issues and fight for us, not Wall St. and millionaires living out of district. 

our campaign is just getting started -- so we need your input.

Will you take our NY19 Voter Survey?

Name *
How do you rate Donald Trump's performance as President during the 1st 100 days of this administration?
Does John Faso have NY19 constituents interest at heart in Congress? *
Do you support John Faso's attempt to dismantle the ACA and take away healthcare from 65,000 NY19 constituents? *
John Faso refuses to hold public, open town halls. Do you approve of Faso hiding from and refusing to meet with voters? *
What issues are important to you? (check all the apply) *
NY19 is one of the nation's most winnable swing districts. Electing a representative who fights for us may be our only chance to stand up to Trump. Does that make you more likely to get involved with the fight to take this district back?
If we get to work right now we can flip NY19, stand up to Trump and find a real representative. Will you donate $19 right now to help win NY19